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prison songs

this month the state of texas will execute 7 inmates this month, apparently to start the new year. the first one is tonight.

the governor of illinois granted 4 full pardons to inmates on death row. the govenor personally reviews the cases of all inmates on death row, and in the last days of his term he is making an effort to at least save what could be innocent men on death row, the four with full pardons were convicted under dubious circumstances, one was beaten by the police. during his 'interrogation' he scratched out 'forced to lie, beaten and no lawyer'. in fact a total of 163 sentences were commuted in a day, to life sentences.

basically the prison system and the courts need to be reformed if innocent men are sitting on death row, namely lenord peltier and the west memphis three. not every state is lucky enough to have a responsible governor. in the case of texas they have elected Rick Perry, the man who took over for dubya, who stole from lower income families through a huge insurance debacle, any such reform in texas is not happening anytime soon. so this is basically a solemn notice that either the death penalty should be removed or only applied in cases of extreme crime and an obvious guilty verdict.
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