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requested / handguns and pot

did you know you can post your art here? well i was told i could, so i will.

Magic Bullet Theory by Paul Kelley III
in photoshop. 11/02

description: every president the united states has elected has been brought into a smokey room with about two dozen business man. they sit the president down, and a man off to the side with a cigar in his mouth says "roll the film". a screen drops and the room darkens. a video of the kennedy assasination from an angle you've never seen, over the shoulder of a sniper standing on the grassy noal (which 60 witness testified to hearing shots fired from). kennedy is shot and the film ends. the lights come on and the man with the cigar says, "Any questions?"

and did you know the drug most abused by teenagers is steroids? so all those anti drug commercials with all the stereotyped twelve year olds (if you didnt know already) are crap and fluff. my personal favorite is the one with the kids and the bong. one of them manages to find a loaded gun in an unlocked drawer, and then 'shoots' (mind you they imply it, they dont show any blood and guts strewn over the room) the other kid. to me, a person with a brain, the message is parents lock up your guns, not dont smoke pot.

on a side, in the united states handguns kill thousands a year and mari(h/j)uana has killed no one ever. all we see are anti pot commercials. how about we put those handguns to good use and shoot the people who make the anti drug commercials. who is with me?
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