Adrienne (east_end_girl) wrote in xsickofitall,

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this community is retarded

Just want to bring about awareness of hypocrisy in this community's info...

"1) Please be respectful of posters and their opinions. Not everyone thinks the same, and that's okay. Don't turn a difference in beliefs into a personal war.

2) WP and/or pro-Nazi posts are heavily discouraged. Racial slurs and ethnicity bashing is not allowed."

Just something to think about..

P.S.-I am in no way a Nazi.. I just think advertising permissiveness while at the same time discouraging personal beliefs is gay.
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December 12 2003, 11:59:32 UTC 14 years ago

well since the community is dead its obviously a moot point, now isn't it?
I did not know the community was dead. I'm glad.


March 14 2004, 19:25:43 UTC 14 years ago

Glad you're satisfied. Yawn.


March 14 2004, 19:26:47 UTC 14 years ago

appreltly reading is beyoind her complrehension ANWYA since it says DISOURAGED not DSIALLOWE DIBTHCHHHH


March 15 2004, 11:54:43 UTC 14 years ago

haha...normally I wouldn't respond, as I no longer even have a journal, but this was just too funny. First of all, if I were you (and thankfully, I'm not) I wouldn't put down someone else's comprehension of any sort when you type like a fool. I'm sure you'll respond with some witty comeback, ie. "I was drunk, excuse me", however, that is just a feeble excuse for the weak. If you have the will, you can type fine while intoxicated. I'd know. Secondly, I do believe it is YOUR reading comprehension at fault--I specifically used the word "discouraged" in my post, as did the community information; I don't even really see your reasoning behind telling me that it did not say "disallowed".

I'm done making a fool out of us all...have a nice day.
I think its time I delete this shithole anyway. ;) Sorry about the drama.


December 23 2003, 05:55:30 UTC 14 years ago

whats wrong with gay?