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rounding up

yesterday was the second of three registerations for all non citizen males between the ages of 18 and 50 of middle eastern descent. basically bush's homeland security office is taking a head count of people they think are capable of commiting terrorist acts. mind you that the second most damaging terrorist attack on the US was the oklahoma city bombing was committed by a nice white guy. of course everyone with brown skin is a threat according to homeland security. basically you get a call, you report to your local ins office, they finger print you, take some nice pictures of you face, and sit you down and ask you questions about your family, affiliations and other things that they think are important
this only reminds me a little bit of nazi germany when hitler had jews, gypsies, and homosexuals wear little emblems on their clothes and register with the authorities so they could all be systematically terminated as time went on. apparently no one is well versed in recent history.
these registerations are only the beginning because a profile for the modern terrorist is so wide and varying. the only thing we are waiting on is someone to give bush a reason to round all these people up into death camps. happy thoughts before the secret police drag you away.

coming soon in 2003, police state america.
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