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xsickofitall's Journal

Poser Skumm
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This is an open community for all tolerant people, all tolerant subcultures and all tolerant opinions. There are only a few ground rules, but I'm not going to be a post Nazi.

1) Please be respectful of posters and their opinions. Not everyone thinks the same, and that's okay. Don't turn a difference in beliefs into a personal war.

2) WP and/or pro-Nazi posts are heavily discouraged. Racial slurs and ethnicity bashing is not allowed.

3) Stalking or harassment of members is not allowed. If people take to anonymous posting to harass members, I will disable the feature.

4) Have fun, please!

Just like diytilwedie, this is a staunchly anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-homophobic, anti-bias community.